At Pine Hill Stables, our primary goal is to breed a versatile, athletic, and all-around family horse that is also affordable. We offer top bloodlines from the champion cutting and performance horses, to the hunter-jumpers, western pleasure horses and halter horses, too.

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PHS Jiggs Dizzy Doll

2018 APHA/PtHA palomino filly

PHS Dizzy Doc Bar
2017 APHA/PtHA cremello filly


PHS Blue Eyed Peaches- SOLD  
2016 APHA/PtHA palomino filly


PHS Jiggs Dizzy Belle- SOLD
2015 APHA/PtHA perlino tobiano filly

PHS Charlie-SOLD
(Link coming soon)
2014 APHA/PtHA bay tovero colt


PHS Jiggs Dizzy Mae- SOLD

2013 APHA/PtHA buckskin tobiano filly

PHS Jiggs Executive Addison-SOLD

2013 APHA/PtHA black tovero filly


PHS Painted Robin-SOLD

2011 APHA/PtHA buckskin tobiano filly

PHS Jiggs DizzyDuckie-SOLD

2011 APHA/PtHA bay tobiano filly


PHS Scribbled N Dizzy-SOLD

2011 APHA/PtHA solid buckskin filly

PHS Maid To Jigg-SOLD

2010 APHA/PtHA solid palomino filly

PHS Dizzy With Cash-SOLD

2009 APHA/PtHA bay tobiano filly

PHS Jiggs Dizzy Bar-SOLD

2009 APHA/PtHA buckskin tobiano filly

PHS Custom Quixote-SOLD
2008 APHA/PtHA buckskin overo colt

PHS Sheza DizzyCrayon

2008 APHA/PtHA buckskin tobiano filly


PHS Dizzy N Nashville-SOLD

2007 APHA/PtHA bay tobiano colt

PHS Must Bea DizzyDoc-SOLD

2007 APHA/PtHA perlino tobiano colt


PHS Heza Doc Bar Jiggs-SOLD

2007 APHA/PtHA red dun tobiano colt

PHS Must Be A Doc Bar-SOLD

2006 APHA/PtHA cremello tobiano filly


PHS Nashvilles Dizzy-SOLD

2006 APHA/PtHA buckskin tobiano filly


PHS Awe Sheza Dizzy-SOLD

2006 APHA/PtHA solid bay filly

PHS Customade Doc Bar-SOLD

2006 APHA/PtHA solid black filly

PHS Custom Made Dizzy-SOLD

2005 APHA/PtHA bay tobiano mare

PHS Executive Doc Bar-SOLD

2005 APHA/PtHA bay tobiano colt